10 Kirby(Nintendo) can eat him and absorb his limitless power

9 Lil Sanic(five nights at Sanic's) He can reach infinite Speeds and crack multiverses with his fists

8 TOAA(Marvel) he is the one above all no need to explain more.

7 the illumauti(1 dollar bill) He has all the power and can destroy superman with a simple blast.

6 Ghost Rider(Marvel) can't be killed by Supes in anyway and pennace stare.

5 Dr Doom(Marvel) indestructable armor Superman is weak against magic spells

4 Popeye cartoon psychics punched someone so hard they traveled through time and spinach

3 Chuck Norris his facts

2 Saitama (can one punch a guy in one punch so he can beat him)

1 Bugs bunny (toonforce)