10 Since guests are considered geusts they come from guestland

9 Unfortunately Geusts have heart seizures and die when they are 1 month old if you see a geust you probably won't see them again

8 Robloxians say Guests have no friends as they basically serve the purpose of being born getting a house find someone and reproducing shortly before dying

7 Teams selecting annoying guests who have skills at killing and trolling for them to ge some action shortly before they die first.

6 They die when their ribs grow into their organs

5 5 years after the guest party we found several guest skelatons and when we observed the bones we found bite marks on them and the skull was cracked open as well as several knife marks on the ribs.  From this we can observe that the guests were cannibalistic

4 They have poop all over their houses.

3 Since Guests have robloxian years and two weeks is 1 year in robloxian years and since guests die at the age of month so the maximun of a geust life span is 8 weeks and 8 divied by 2=4. So that means Guests die at the age of 4. This may explain the reaso wny guests are immature and annoying since they aren't mature yet.

2 Guests are rumored to evolve from mobs and when they die most of them are reincarnated into mobs.

1 We know from a burned down diner for guests that Guests took part in snorting cocaine which would explain why several guests originate from poison banned users since the users were trolls and innoproite.