Alexander "Alex", is a minor character from High School Horror. He is the younger brother of Maddie and Logan


In High School Horror Part 1, he is seen eating cereal with Maddie, Logan, and Maddie's Mom. He is later seen been driven to school by Maddie's Mom.  In High School Horror Part 4, Vicky and her minions decide to kill Alex to torment Maddie. They sneak into his school and put pills in the school's jug of grape juice while the teacher was using the bathroom. Alex drank the grape juice and blacked out. Vicky and her minions kidnapped him and cut out his voice box while he was still asleep to prevent him from screaming. When Alex woke up, Vicky told him that they kidnapped him and they were doing this to teach Maddie a lesson. Vicky commanded her minions to get the axe. Alex was decapitated by said axe offscreen. Vicky and her minions later canibalized on his corpse by turning his bones and skin into jelly and gummy candy, deep frying his flesh, using his leftover flesh and organs as cheeseburgers, and mixing his blood into a chocolate cake. After eating his corpse, Vicky and her minions went back to school to make an anouncement. In High School Horror Part 5, Maddie mentioned his death when she announced to her friends that Vicky was going to burn down the school; she told them, Vicky and her minions already killed her younger brother.


  • Alex never speaks in the entire series.
  • Although Alex was still going to be a minor character, originally he was going to play more of a role. He was going to be the only one of Maddie's family members to be unaware of Maddie's abuse due to his youth. He would also be unaware of his family's situation.
  • Originally Alex was going to have a few lines but they were cut out.
  • Alex was originally going to be named Bob but Derpythetroll16 accidently named him Alex because Derpythetroll16 had a scrapped series where a younger brother was named Alex.