Blox Boi
Blox Boy is a superhero created by Derpythetroll16.


Blox Boy's real name is Derek Dune. He suffered from schizophrenia, this made him see things that weren't there. Growing up he loved comic books and superheroes and wanted to be one, causing him to develop multiple personalities, each personality was a superhero. Despite wanting to be a superhero, he attacked people due to his mental disorder, since he thought they were attacking him, this lead to him murdering his classmate that he saw holding a knife at 7. Derek was sent to juvie for 3 years and was released at 10. Due to being imprisoned he lived a life of crime, and had to steal to survive. In juvie, he began to discover his superpowers. Derek began to use his superpowers to steal from people easier. One day when he and his friend were robbing a bank, the cops came to arrest them but Derek fought back using his powers, the cops sent in backup and his friend starting shooting at the cops, only for the cops to shoot him in the head killing him. Then they repeadedly shot Derek and sent him to prison for another 3 years. After being released at 13, Derek decided to use his powers to help and not hurt people and went to an academy for superheroes and is the hero of the city of Robloxia.


Due to his love of superheroes, Derek has a lot of abilites thanks to his "Animator Powers". Derek can use the cartoon characters that he sees due to his schizophrenia to attack other people. The cartoon characters he summons can't be seen or touched by people other than himself. He also has the ability to freeze time for a few seconds by "Suspending animaton" and can regenerate and can summon any weapon thanks to his hammer space. His animator powers also allows him to teleport, walk on walls and fly.