One minute melee


Bowser Jr is playfully walking by himself. Suddenly at such a speed Metal Sonic appeared in front of him. Bowser Jr decided to play with him Metal Sonic got into a fighting stance. Metal Sonic surged with electricity

Go for Broke fight!

Metal Sonic blasted the beam at Bowser Jr but Bowser Jr dodged due to his car. Bowser Jr drove toward Metal Sonic. He grabbed Metal and threw him. The koopaling drove toward Metal Sonic and tried to punch Metal Sonic but Metal Sonic dodged due to his speed. Metal Sonic blasted a lazer at Bowser Jr. Metal started to do his spin dash.


Metal Sonic launched himself at Bowser Jr. The koopaling hit him with a rattle shortly before punching him off with a boxing glove. Bowser Jr drove at him. Metal Sonic teleported behind Bowser Jr and grabbed him shortly before flinging him off. Metal Sonic ran at him at hyper sonic speed. Bowser Jr was met with a punch.


Bowser Jr did a combo on him shortly before jumping back into the car. Bowser Jr drove at him. The koopaling breathed fire on The robot burning him. Bowser Jr's car did a combo on him with boxing gloves. The car reared back it's boxing glove fist and threw the punch but Metal Sonic teleported behind Bowser Jr.


Metal punched the koopaling and did a combo on him before kicking him away. Metal sonic blasted a lazer at him. Metal surged with electricity and blasted it at Bowser jr knocking him out of the car. Metal blasted a lazer at him. Bowser Jr got into his shell. The lazer hit the shell causing the lazer to bounce off ...............


And hit Metal Sonic. Bowser Jr did a combo on Metal Sonic and jumped into his car. Metal Sonic pulled out a chaos emerald and transformed into Neo Metal Sonic. Neo Metal flew at Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr drove at him. Neo Metal Sonic did a combo on Bowser Jr. Neo Metal Sonic powerfully punched him. Neo Metal Sonic copies Bowser Jr's Pyrokenis and blasted him away with a flamethrower. 


Bowser Jr Charged up a firey beam and blasted it at Neo Metal Sonic. The result was the robot burning. Bowser Jr rammed into him with his car. Bowser Jr ran him over.


Bowser Jr's car's boxing glove threw a punch at him but Neo Metal Sonic teleporter above Bowser Jr. Suddenly Bowser Jr pressed a button in his car and a boxing glove came out and hit Neo Metal Sonic in the head decapitating him. Metal Sonic' body slummed to the ground as Bowser Jr giggled

This Melee's victory goes to Bowser Jr

Unknown-36 copy 9

Bowser Jr