Bryson is a supporting character in High School Horror and a main character in Baby Mama.


In Baby Mama Part 1, Bryson is homeless and lives in his brother's car. His girlfriend Riley dumps him for that reason. Later, Chloe (who is also poor) confronts him and cheers him up, they form a relationship with each other. A few months later, Chloe invites Bryson to her house where they have sex, Bryson impregnates her which Chloe finds out. Despite realizing that he's going to be a father, Bryson refuses to leave Chloe. Chloe gives birth to a baby girl and the two now struggle to raise the baby girl.

In High School Horror Part 3, He first appears with his girlfriend, Chloe. The couple are sitting in a lunchroom with XxdarkageknightxXDerpythetroll16Derpythetrol13, and Kavra. Bryson talks about how he misses Maddie. He asks XxdarkageknightxX how the party was and reveals he and Chloe didn't show up to the party. He also asks what happened to Luis and Denis.

In High School Horror Part 4, He and Chloe appear when Maddie comes back to school. When asking them how their baby is, Bryson tells Maddie the baby will come out in January.

In High School Horror Part 5, Maddie tells Bryson and Chloe that Vicky and her minions are going to burn down the school much to the shock of them both. Later when Maddie smells smoke she tells them to leave the school, which they oblige.


  • His and Chloe's appearences in HSH might be rendered pointless because Baby Mama has been postponed and might get cancelled.