c00lkidd is a hacker and a minor character in High School Horror.


In High School Horror Part 3, he first appears when 1x1x1x1 introduces him to Maddie. He says that he supports Maddie's decision of being a transgender. He later orders a cheeseburger, fries, and "chicken tendies" at lunch.  He later appears during the climax of HSH Part 3, Maddie meets c00lkidd in the prison where c00lkidd warns Maddie by telling her to stay away from the other prisoners because they might kill her. When a prisoner tries to kill Maddie because she is a transgender only for c00lkidd to fight him before he had the chance. c00lkidd defeats the man by beating him up badly, the prisoner was so badly beaten he couldn't get up, allowing the other prisoners to kill him. When Maddie about to escape, she asks if 1x1x1x1 and c00lkidd want to escape too, but 1x1x1x1 declines by saying that they don't want to risk getting caught and having their sentences extended and the prison has good roleplaying.


  • The real c00lkidd got banned for using hacks in games, infecting servers, and building a group of hackers. He is actually an alt account of the user 007n7