"Hey Brap where is the strawberry cheesecake with extra liver and watermelons."

Cheesyboy to hyper anon.


Cheesyboy is a fictional character in Hyper Anon's adventures. He is a psycopathic Dromedary camel who's hobby is murdering people. He is based off of falcon lover from pewdiepie due to his crazy behavior whacky dances and flopping around.

Hyper Anon's adventures 1

he first appears as a camel who escapes the zoo. He kills a man by shooting him between his eyes with a pistol and proceeds to eat his liver similar to Hanibal lecter. He seems to flop around and act crazy. His eyes turn red when angry. He can buck some one so hard in sent them flying over a fence.


"I ate his liver with jelly beans and a nice strawberry sunday bleeeeeergh"

Cheesyboy on what he did to his first victom. Note the Hannibal lecter refference