The Godfather VS Reed Deed Redemption. Plinto Ottaviano is a Stracci family worker (or outsider) and is known to be pretty much suicidal and insane. His opponent is the leader of a Native American tribe and is also known for his insanity, but has a charismatic tone and can very easily manipulate people and the youth into obeying his evil orders.


Leo Grossi: Ok, Plinto, you better not screw this up.

Plinto: Stahp worryin', I got this. Van der Linde is going back to Holland in a pine box. Maybe even along with me, hehe.

Leo: That was really cringy...

Enepay: Chief! Are you sure you wanna do this? I heard the Stracci family includes several psychopaths and pyromaniacs.

Honovi: Yeah, Ottaviano is both.

Dutch: I got this, don't worry. I've met worse than him.

Death BattleEdit

Plinto pulls out his dynamite and molotov cocktail and gets ready to throw it at Dutch, who pulls out his Mauser Pistol and shoots the cocktail in Plinto's hand, burning him severely. Dutch holsters his pistol, being sure he won already, but Plinto gets up all burned, somehow alive, and lights on the dynamite before throwing it at Dutch. Van der Line, however, kicks the dynamite out of his way back to Plinto, but explodes in air before it could even land to the latter. Plinto then charges at Dutch, tackles him down, and starts biting the face of Dutch's, however, while Dutch is with one hand punching and rubbing Plinto off, with the other hand he reaches for his Cattleman revolver, pulls it out, and blows Plinto's face to pieces. Plinto falls down dead on his body. Dutch turns over and stands up with the Natives cheering him as the victor of the battle.


Leo Grossi: Aaaaahhh, fah! Dam it! Shoulda know Plinto was gonna screw it up. I better get outta here, tho. *Leo gets out of the arena before Dutch could kick his butt too*

Dakota: Well done, boss! You made the now-dead nation proud.