Death The Kid vs Alucard

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2 demons from Soul Eater and Hellsing have two guns but who will win


Wiz: There are a TONS of Demons in anime like Majin Buu Homura Akemi and more

Boomstick: But we are gonna feature these 2 demons who has 2 guns Death the kid the young demon from Soul Eater who has 2 guns

Wiz: And Alucard the evil demon from Hellsing who has 2 guns

Boomstick: But we don't need to analyze there weapons armor and skills so ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE

Death BattleEdit


Death is walking and sees Alucard

Death: Who are you

Alucard: I'm a demon

Death: Hmmm I'm not scared of you but to fight


Death shots 9 bullets at Alucard Alucard gets hurt by all of them Alucard shoots 9 bullets Death dodges 3 but he got hurt by 7 bullets Death shots 10 shots from his first gun and he shots 6 guns from his second one Alucard shots 11 shots at Death Death got hurt from all of the shots But Death shots 19 shots all of them hurts Alucard

Alucard: Ow I'm dead

After Alucard's death Death's guns turns back into Liz and Patty

Death: C'mon Liz and Patty lets go



Death walks away as Alucard's body disappears from the battle

Boomstick: What is that So brutal

Wiz: Two demons has 2 guns but Death has won the fight

Boomstick: Alucard didn't have the shot for the fight

Wiz: The winner is Death the Kid


Next timeEdit

Boomstick: Next time on death battle

Mami Tomoe appears

Edward Elric appears

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