Denis is a youtuber and a minor character in High School Horror.


In High School Horror Part 2, he drinks the "lemonade" made for Maddie much to Sheila's protests. He is disgusted after tasting it. Sheila reveals to him that it was pee and farts and not lemonade. Paramedics come to pick up Denis who requests to have his tongue cut off, cleaned, and sewn back on. It is unknown if the doctors actually did that.

In High School Horror Part 3, he is mentioned by XxdarkageknightxX, it was revealed he was still in the hospital and it was unknown whether or not his tongue was cut off, cleaned, and sewn back on. When the Lunch Lady in Maddie's prison is serving her tongue noodle soup, says there's a chance they might be serving Denis's tongue because Denis requested to get his tongue cut off.

In The Adventures Of Roblox Spider-Man Episode 1, he is seen in the background.