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Dinosaur Simulator The Movie, is a movie about the Roblox game Dinosaur Simulator directed by Derpythetroll16. It is one of the two confirmed Roblox animated series by Derpythetroll16, the other being High School Horror. There isn't much information about this however Derpythetroll16 recently uploaded a teaser image on his twitter account. Derpythetroll16 is researching dinosaurs to make the movie accurate. Derpythetroll16 uploaded 3 teaser images featuring the designs of 3 dinosaurs presumingly appearing in the movie, T-rex, Velociraptor, and Triceratops, and according to him, "it's going to start off as a comic".
T-rex sex

Picture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex (presumingly a juvenile)


A velociraptor


A Triceratops.

Dinosaurs appearing in this movieEdit

Apparently a T-rex is going to appear. In the official trailer, the scientist creates a T-rex egg, and raises it an incubater, the T-rex baby is raised and is later shipped to an island.


  • A pterodactyl is seen talking to someone in the trailer. In reality Pterodactyls couldn't speak since they lived long before any human language was invented and thus doesn't know how to speak. Also there's no evidence that it's vocals cords could allow it to speak to begin with.
  • Pterodactlys were not dinosaurs.
  • T-rex possibly had feathers. The T-rex baby being shipped didn't have feathers. However in the backgroud where two carnivores were killing another dinosaur a baby t-rex with feathers can briefly be seen.
  • Why couldn't the two carnivores kill the hebrivores on the ice. Their mobiliy was limited and the carnivores are more light on their fight, so the ice wouldn't break.
  • After the two carnivores kill the carnivore, one carnivore walks towards the POV guy and casually sends him flying just by walking towards him. It's unlikely for any dinosaur to yield the ability to do that.
  • Also, if a human was sent flying by a dinosaur, they would die upon impact to the ground, however the man who was sent flying could've died, since we did not see the aftermath.