Dr. Hill VS Robbie Valentino is a death battle and fight in selection round of the tournament between Dr. Hill, Josh's psychiatrist from Until Dawn videogame and Robbie Valentino, Wendy's emo boyfriend from Gravity Falls cartoon. 

Death battle Dr. Hill VS Robbie Valentino

The contestants.


Dr. Hill's adventure starts in a tournament arena, where Hill must complete 20 rounds to win a big prize, worth in 100,000,000$, Champion belt and a golden trophy, full of money. This is a selection round. Hosts of a tounament is Oleg Papahorov and Jacques Lession, Papahorov's adopted son.


Announcer: Welcome to Greymont City's 30th Anniversary Team-Mate Death Battle Match Tournament!!!

Announcer: And now, the selection round for left side of a team.

Announcer: On the left side, a superb psychiatrist and guy, who studied my wife's psychic illness, Dr. Hill!!!

Fanatic: Yeah! Beat the shit outta him!

Announcer: On the right side, stupid emo and Wendy's boyfriend, Robbie Valentino!

Fanatic: Destroy him, Hill!

Announcer 2: Round 1, fight!

Round 1Edit

Robbie: I'm gonna beat you up, so you can go back to your momma, to cry, old man!

  • "Robbie uses The Lucha Libre Strike, but Hill evades"

Hill: Nice try. Look behind! It's the Mockingbird

Robbie: Where?

  • "Hill tricks him and kicks him to the balls"

Robbie: OW!!! Grrrr, you'll pay for this!

  • "Hill evades again"

Hill: I have some tricks for you. Oh, The Almighty Stakweather, I command you to destroy him! 

Pariah Dark

Round's guest: Pariah Dark.

  • "Pariah Dark/The Almighty Starkweather comes from the ground, when Hill shows the index finger on Robbie"

Announcer 2: Dr. Hill wins, flawless victory.

Announcer 2: Round 2, fight!

Round 2Edit

  • "Hill uses freeze power"

Robbie: I can't fight!

  • "Hill uses his fatality"
You're A Sick F**k!

You're A Sick F**k!

Robbie: NO!

"Robbie was oblterated"

Announcer 2: Dr. Hill wins, flawless victory.

Announcer 2: Fatality.

Dr. Hill win

Winner: Dr. Hill!