Playable skin Dutch van der Linde

Dutch's full body model.

"I can't change, John!"

Dutch van der Linde was the leader of the famous Dutch's Gang, which once operated in West Virginia amongst other states in the US. Notable gang members included John Marston, Abigail Marston, and William Williamson. From 1887's onward, he was leader of the Indian Gang, better known as Dutch's Tribe. In Cougar's Death Battles, he went up against Plinto Ottaviano in the first ever battle. Their battle locale was the abandoned Black Town.

In the death battleEdit

In Cougar's Battle 1: Plinto Ottaviano VS Dutch van der Linde, Dutch pulled out his Mauser Pistol and shoot the Molotov cocktail in Plinto Ottaviano's hand after Plinto pulled it out, attempting to burn Dutch only to backfire and make him get burned severely. Plinto got up, somehow alive, and lighted the dynamite on fire before throwing it at Dutch. Van der Linde, however, kicked the dynamite out of his way back to Plinto, but it exploded in air before it could even land to the latter. Plinto charged at Dutch, tackled him down, and started biting Dutch's fae. Dutch rubbed Plinto off with one hand while with the other he reached for his Cattleman Revolver and blew Plinto's face to pieces. Plinto fell down dead on his body and lost the battle.

Actual deathEdit

In the final assault on his hideout at Fallen Creek with the U.S. Army, John Marston and mayor's agents wipe out his Indian army. Together, he and Dutch battle with each other. Eventually, Marston gains the upper hand and chases Dutch to the edge of a cliff. Marston and Dutch exchange words, with Dutch explaining how he can't fight his nature so he can't change. He then tells John that they are a dying breed in a changing world before committing suicide by dropping backwards from the cliff. Agent Rose uses Marston's pistol to shoot his barely-living body, claiming it will look better in the report.