Edward "Eddie" Brock is a news reporter in the Adventures Of Roblox Spider-Man.


In Episode 2, he reports the news of The Lizard rampaging throughout Peter Parker's school. In Episode 3, he comes out with a theory that a mysterious school shooter was involved in the October 19 2017 incident, a incident that resulted in a school being burned down. When Spider-Man catches the shooter and reveals that it was a middle aged man, Eddie gets fired. Upon being fired, Eddie begins to feel like his dying. After he visits the hospital, he finds out he has cancer that evolved due to being unnoticed, Eddie only has a few months to live. Eddie blames Spider-Man for losing his job. In the end of the episode, Eddie walks around the Peter's neighborhood before the symbiote that the latter recently deattached from himself slithers outside and bonds to Eddie, presumingly marking the birth of Venom.


  • In the comics, he grows a hatred to Spider-Man because Spider-Man caused him to lose his job. He bonds a symbiote and becomes the anti-hero Venom.