The Epic Duck is a huge kaiju sized duck that is also an item made by Roblox. It appears in Andy and Hayley's adventure.


The Epic Duck is actually a primitive species of duck that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. However, baby epic ducks looked just like adult epic ducks, except smaller, unlike ducklings today. Therapod dinosaurs were evolving into birds. However the KT exitincton was about to happen. Many dinosaurs were killed. One Epic Duck was born during the time of disasters. As Dinosaurs and Ducks died, that individual tried to escape but was hit with a meteor and sent flying. Eventually the duck managed to find shelter during the disasters, however there was a huge climate changes. The weather was as cold as -100 to -1000 degrees celsius. The duck as well as all the survivors of the disasters were frozen. 

65 million years laterEdit

Due to global warming, the ice began to melt, this allowed the duck to escape. Due to the radiating that caused global warming, this enhanced the duck, it allowed him to grow extremely big. The radiation mutated him giving him superpowers. He emerged from the water and decided to ramage and destroy Robloxia.

Fight with ArnoldEdit

He is going to fight Arnold the Aardvark soon.


  • His backstory is similar to Godzilla.