Evil flippy is back by gerardo488-d74en2z

Name:Flipqy/Evil Flippy

first appearence:Happy Tree Friends/Early Concept art(1999) First actual appearence Happy Tree Friends Season 1(2000)

occupation:"Soldier" really a vetran

Age:unkown atleast 20 to retire in the army.

height:4 feet

weight:50 pounds

Gets yellow pupils when turns evil.

Acts 18

Evil Flippy peeling Mime like a orange


Can be pulled out his behind talk about cartoon psychics

looks cool

signature wepon

managed to Skin the mine with ease.

A reference to Swiss Army Knifes.

One of Evil Flippy's most skilled weapons.

FIghting style

picks up anything he finds and uses it as weapons. 

Uses punches and strength

Possibly a Navy seal 

A navy fighting style consists of Jujitsu,Ninjitsu,Kung fu,karate,Judo,Krav Maga,Sylat knife techiniques(which probely where he got his machete skills from),western boxing,and wrestling,

Unknown-17 copy 4


can lift several characters with ease


Is a master wrestler.

Acts 14

can somehow stab Sniffles in the back of the head and through his eyes with eyes with a pair of pencils.

Because of this he is the most powerfull character.


no weapons needed to kill Normal Flippy

Can kill with his bear(no pun intended) hands.

A reference to bear strength


ThisKnife 13


Flippy snipin by yudhaikeledai



let's play hot potato



aw how cute Flippy wants to share his "toys" with his friends.

Other Military weapons.

Happy-tree-friend o GIFSoup com

Camo outfit.

is his everyday clothing so it is his standard equipment

HaS 17

Where did he go Toothy?

Makes him execellent at hide in seek.

Can change color

14192283 4880420 Happy TreeFriends Flippy by A Studios

gives him stealth.


usually relies on instinct

this causes him to vioently rush into things

this lead to this 
Lumpy flinging Flippy
Fliqpy about to die

Zayats 057


Killed Giggles,Nutty,Sniffles,Flaky,and several others in aproximately 3 seconds presumingly at the same time meaning he can cause a death in a blink of an eye

Defyed logic such as using a stapler as a gun,shoved Nutty upper half in a pencil sharpener,and sliced the mine's face with a piece of paper.

Basically Murdered every htf character atleast once including himself

Acts 16

Horton's opponent revealed it's Evil Fippy from happy tree friends. A good old Elephant vs Bear fight. Both are polar opposites one caring one vicous.