Fang the sniper in sonic x by linahedgehog-d70nt7s

Hyper Anon:Fang the Sniper's backstory is unknown-

Doge:Because he was only in a few games. Poor guy probably sitting on his computer doing nothing. 

Spongebob:Poor Fang. Anyway from what we know Fang was born in a different dimension.

Doge:Known as Texas.

Hyper Anon:That is one weird place to find in Texas. Anyway we can assume that Fang had an interest for money and treassure so he decided to hunt for treassure

Doge:Like the dude and ugly version of Rouge the Bat.

Spongebob:Fang the Sniper saw Sonic the Hedgehog with all 7 chaos emeralds. So Fang stole them from Sonic.

Doge:How did he do that without getting his ass kicked fastly.

Hyper Anon:We don't know but Fang managed to steal them and scattered them across the place.

Doge:The worst part? Texas is the second biggest state at least he didn't bring them to Alaska. By the way what is Fang? Like what species is he. He looks a dog had sex with a ferret.

Spongebob:He is a wolf weasel.


Name:Nack the Weasel

Occupation:Treassure Hunting

First Appearence:Sonic Triple Trouble. 

Is a wolf weasel thing.

Hyper Anon:Fang the Sniper wields his almight relover.

Doge:Hell yeah! Looks like you have a run for your money Shadow! No pun intended. 

Spongebob:Well here is the thing. Sega was going to use it in their game Sonic tripple trouble but they decided not to use it because it was a kid's game. 

Doge:NOOOOOOOO! I  couldn't believe it anyway.

Hyper Anon: Well it was included in the Archie Comics. And it fires bullets. And Fang is skilled with it.