Flappy bird
Flappy Bird is the main protaganist of Flappy Bird. He fought King Pig.


Tier:9-B,8-C in MLG form.

Name:Flappy Bird

Origin:Flappy Bird

Gender:IDK, maybe male.


Powers and abilities:Flight, Superhuman strength, Superhuman Speed, Double jump, Divebomb, MLG form.

Attack Potency: Wall Level, can hit the ground with enough force to end the game. | Building Level, his MLG form provides great noscoping skills. 

Speed:Supersonic+ Reached the clouds with ease,making him at the same speed if not faster than a SR-71 Blackbird which is Supersonic and is Mach 3+ | Massively Hypersonic+ According to a calc, Flappy Bird reaches the clouds in 4 seconds, Clouds are 10,000 miles away from earth. 60/4=15. 15 x 10,000=150,000So he is going at 150,000 miles per minute. 150,000 x 60=9,000,000. 9,000,000/767=11734.0286832. Or Mach 11,734.

Durability:Unknown, gets killed in one hit | Human Level

Lifting Strength:Unknown | Likely Regular Human if his lifting strength is linked to his striking strength.

Striking Strength:Wall Level, can hit the ground so hard, he ends the game.

Stamina:Infinite, never gets tired.

Range: Melee, doesn't have any weapons in baseform. Many Meters, in MLG form due to noscope.

Standard Equipment: None | Noscope, Doritos, and Moutain in MLG form.

Intellegence: Below Human Average, doesn't strategize

Weaknesses: Gets killed in one hit. Clumsy. Not that many feats.