Freddy8561 has very appeared in some of Derpythetroll16's animated series.


In High School Horror Part 1, She appears along with Derpythetrol13 and Darkageknight Plays, where she is a student along with the other two, sitting in a desk.

In High School Horror Part 2, She has more of a role than she did in the previous segment. She greets Maddie when she enters the party. She later tells Maddie to sit with her and her friends. She notices something is wrong with Maddie and asks what's wrong. After Maddie tells her, Sheila was bullying her, Freddy8561 reveals that Sheila bullies her and her friends as well. When Sheila is giving out carrot cake without frosting, Freddy8561 says that carrot cake without frosting looks like cornbread. Later Maddie and Luis steal some chocolate cake and share it with her and the rest of the people. This is her latest appearence which is almost 2 months ago.

In The Adventures Of Roblox Spider-Man Episode 1, She appears in Peter Parker's classroom.

In The Adventures Of Roblox Spider-Man Episode 2, She appears in Curt Connor's Classroom.