This is one minute melee where all the fights are settled in 60 seconds! 2 fighters! No research! 60 seconds melee. Go!

Riptor is walking around the streets. Suddenly she smells something. It leads her into Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Freddy Fazbear sees her.

Freddy Fazbear:i-i-i-n--ntru-truder-er al-er-ert

nobody blink fight!

Riptor runs at Freddy and slashes at Freddy and kicks him with his claws. Freddy grabs riptor and throws her. Riptor stabs Freddy in his stomach with her tail. Freddy does a series of teleporting attacks on Riptor.Freddy Fazbear sends Riptor flying with a powerful punch. Riptor spits at acid at Freddy but Freddy teleports behind Riptor and is about to stab Riptor with his microphone but riptor smells Freddy and turns around and countered Freddy's attack but slashing at him. Riptor kicks Freddy in the head. Freddy Fazbear stabs Riptor in stomach with his microphone.Riptor pounces on Freddy and bites down on his neck but Freddy Fazbear throws Riptor off him.Riptor does sevreal combos on him and spits acid at him multiple times. Riptor is about to do his no mercy move 3(the one where he eats his opponent and farts and burps)but Freddy Fazbear teleports away. Freddy ends up behind riptor and punches him multiple times. Freddy stabs Riptor in the stomache multiple times with his microphone and punches riptor in the head so hard it knocks riptor out.


This melee's victory goes to Freddy Fazbear