Freddy8561 and derpythetrol13 has made 2 new accounts,these accounts are named Freddy44561 and unknown,freddy and Alfred has abandoned their old account because they wanted to add people.they think they are smart but could they outsmart their brother?no because he knows 300x more things in roblox then them.they tried betraying him even though he stood up for Freddy.he and derpythetroll16 gone through days of YouTube drama just to help her,but she just throw all that away and betrays him.the only way to get his trust back is to tell him the truth if he was to tell them the truth his brother would be happy same with Derrythetroll16 because of Freddy and derpythetrol13 derpythetroll16 can’t visit them and since derpythetrol13 became a tattle his brother can’t visit anymore.his brother is also known as darkageknight Plays and since he tattle he can’t visit and derpythetroll16 can’t visit and this is cause derpythetroll16‘s channel to die,sooner or later his channel will be in the shadows and the cause of this terrible accident was all because of derpythetrol13 and freddy8561