The Grandma is the grandmother of the squad. She appeared in one of Derpythetroll16's videos but that was taken down. She is a child abuser and but she's nice to Derpythetroll16, she won't appear in a lot of Derpythetroll16's videos since she cannot speak english so it would be hard to communicate and she wouldn't know how to behave in his videos or what's going on, and she wouldn't even want to be in them.

Appearences in Derpythetroll16's videosEdit

Child Pees On Floor Gets Taught A Lesson By Farting Grandma- This is so far her only appearence, in the video, when Derpythetrol13 and Freddy8561's baby sister pees on the floor, Derpythetroll16 gives the grandma, the baby's pee soaked underwear, Derpythetroll16 then leads the baby to the grandma who hits the baby with a coat hanger a couple times before shouting at her, the video was deleted for promoting child abuse to babies. So the ony video she appeared in was deleted.