Guest 666 is a hacker from roblox and a minor character in High School Horror.


In High School Horror Part 3, He is introduced to Maddie by 1x1x1x1. He does not speak in the video because he is a guest. He later appears during the climax with standing next to C00lkidd. 1x1x1x1 also reveals that Guest 666 could talk through hacking but since he was stripped of his hacking abilities, he was rendered mute. Guest 666 might have died when Guests were removed in October 3 2017. Although HSH Part 3 was released in February 2018, the series itself takes place in September 2017.


  • In reality, Guest 666 could be a variety of people, people can easily become Guest 666. Guest 666 can also talk by adding ;sc before a sentence.