this is one minute melee where all the fights are settled in 60 seconds. 2 fighters! no research! 60 seconds melee! GO!

Harry and Marv are driving to Freddy Fazbear's pizzerea.

Marv:Are you sure this place has a lot of money.

Harry:of course this place is expensive.

They enter the pizzerea. And they rob the cash registar. They go to the prize room.

Marv:should we take this box.

Harry:Of course we can sell the damn thing.

Marv and Harry carry the box. Suddenly out of nowhere the Marionette pops out.

Marv:what the hell?

Triumph or die! Fight!

The marionettte lunges at harry and marv. Harry pulls out a pistol and shoots the Marionette. The marionette is injured.Harry and Marv both punch the marionette.

Marv:wait till we get our hands on you,you runt! We'll rip off you mask and hang you with your own strings.

The marionette teleports behind them and grabs Harry and throws him at Marv. Harry and Marv pull out pistols and fires at the marionette. The Marionette teleports dodging the bullets. Harry and marv reload but the Marionette runs at them at full speed and lunges at them. 

Harry:get off us!

Harry throws a crowbar at the puppet. Marv pulls out his cane and hooks the puppet and throws him. 

Harry:let's get out of her.

Harry and Marv run away the marionette chases them. Harry and Marv run into the car and drives away. The marionette teleports in front of them only to be hit and run over by the car.

Marv:that'll show him.

They look outside the window to get the Marionette's corpse so they can sell it but they can't find the marionette. They look behind them and see the marionette in the backseat.

Marv:that's impossible

It shows a flashback when the marionette got hit but before the car could run over him he teleports in the backseat.The marionette lunges at them killing them. 


the marionette drives the car into the pizzerea wrecklisly(due to the fact he doesn't have experience driving)and shoves Harry into a toy freddy suit and Marv into a toy bonnie suit.

this melee's victory goes to The Marionette