Name:Horton the Elephant

Height:8 feet tall

Horton the Elephant
Weight:the weight of an adult elephant.


First appearence:Horton hatches the egg(1940)

occupation:savior of who ville.

Status:presumed deceased if we used elephant years.

Semi aquatic                                                                                                  

Big ears.                                                                                                                                                                  
Angry elephant ears

Super human hearing

Ears are Used to shade their skin

able to hear seemingly microscopic organisms 

Has big ears which are approximately 4 feet long.

Elephant Size

Elephants are 8-13 feet tall

Weighing 8 tons gives it a lot of weight.

Massive Bulk and strength.

Elephant trunk

Is basically a hand 

can hold stuff such and as clovers and whatnot.

100,000 muscles

Strong enough to one shot Lions!

Clover Fields                                                               

300,000+ clovers

Uh.....Enough to bury someone in them.

Pretty much useless Probably won't be used in the first place


Stayed sitting on a branch on a moving boat that got hit by multiple waves in Horton hatches an egg.

Still managed to take care of the egg while sea sick  

Took car of the egg in that pose for weeks

not to mention the boat ride all the way from the jungle to the circus


No tusks

Lacks fighting experience

is old(we will be using him in his prime.


Saved Whoville

Got made into a movie                                                
Horton Movie
raised an egg                                             

Managed to stay faithfull.                       

Brought the elephant bird back into existance                        
Elephant bird