Hyper Anon(Born August 8) is the founder of The Wiki. He is a part time video game designer. He made a Roblox Game called Jacob Sartorius Rare Footage.

To put it lightly, it was flat out slander for Jacob, even if someone with half a brain could figure out that it was made up. It depicted of Jacob Sartorius assaulting an 11 year old, Pamela Johnson in the girl's bathroom because she wouldn't take off her clothes. He also claimed that Jacob Sartorius had a small penis and he learned that girls pee sitting down by looking at the girl's vagina. The Game has over 85 visits.

Hyper Anon also released a sequel.

In The Sequel depicts, Jacob beating Pamela to a pulp shortly before getting knocked out by Pamela's Brother. Pamela and Jacob are arrested for assault.

Hyper Anon released another sequel.

It depicts Jacob and Pamela getting thrown in Jail by The Cops. Jacob has admitted "he likes his Women, Like He likes his Crayons. 8-12."

Jacob Sartorius is interviewed in Prison, with 1dev2 and Jared2Valdez. It was revealed he dropped the Soap and was raped in prison.

Jacob Sartorius is knocked out by a mysterious figure and kidnapped for unknown reasons.

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