Hyper Anon:In the year 2007 Jesse and Mike used to be normal brothers. Until in their first episode Halloween Night.

Doge:That shit scared the fuck out of me. It was a creepy ass story where Mike was watching a scary movie while eating microwave popcorn and gets a phone call from Jesse who was playing a Wii tennis which is totally a waste of halloween, he should be playing a scary zombie game or something. Mike tells Jesse to come over to his house since he's not trick or treating. Then a masked maurader came in his house holding a fucking knife! 

Spongebob:Which was Jesse wearing a mask and was pranking him. When Mike answered the door again it was Jesse while the first Jesse mike encountered was creepily holding a knife behind his back.

Doge:I'm going to have nightmares. So after that they became prepared for multiple adventures that they are practically nearly prepared. Until they mess up some shit and fail.

(Jesse sprays Mike's eyes with pepper spray aiming for a robber.)


Names:Jesse and Mike


First Appearence:Halloween Night(2007)

Occupation: Playing Video games,pulling pranks,and doing fun activites.

Are both idiots. 

Hyper Anon:Both Jesse and Mike are in good psychically. They can lift a body and are fast enough to can run away from multiple foes.

Doge:When they don't get their asses kicked by robbers,murderers,and other creatures, they beat the shit out of them. But they aren't really smart. And by Not really smart I mean completely idiots. 

Spongebob:Bruh. They aren't really fast either. But they have a car that gives them faster transportation. They use it a lot. They are better drivers than me.

(Shows Mike running over Jesse's foot with his car as well as their dad)

Spongebob:Much Better.

Hyper Anon: Jesse and Mike are durable enough to tank Zombie attacks as well as seemingly fatal accidents such as getting impaled through the hand and electricuted. They are also got several fighting styles such as wrestling. 

Doge:But the best part is each brother has their own weapon as well as their own personality.

(Shows Jesse and Mike arguing.)