Vladimir Valirover

Stalin? Nope, only Valirover.

"Look into my eyes, you perverted witch! See zeh soul of the man who made Mother Rasha his bish!"

Vladimir Joseph "Joe" Valirover was one of the main villains featured in both World of War: Revenge and World at War: Global Warfare. Valirover was the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's Central Committee from 1912 until his death in 1947. He was one of the biggest mass murderers to have ever existed and remains a controversial figure today, with many regarding him as a tyrant similar to his rival Olaf Tutchenko, others as a capable and necessary leader for the time. What is clear, though, is that his assassination was a blessing to ended his cruel rule over his country.

In the death battleEdit

In Cougar's Battle 2: Quan Chi VS Joe Valirover, Chi started the battle by shooting a green skull projectile at Valirover with full force, hitting him, making Joe fall down, hard. Valirover, however, shoot at Quan with his handgun before getting his ass right up after falling down, hard. As Chi was stunned, Joe pulls out an AK-47 and shoots at Quan like a madman. Chi blocks most of the bullets with a wall made of green skulls and brings up two skeletons from Hell to attack Valirover. Joe shoots both of the 'tons down and starts shooting at Chi again, this time before Quan even has a chance of bringing up his wall. Quan, all injured, falls on ground and brings up one last dead warrior from Hell to take care of Joe. As the warrior is headbutted by Valirover, he gets his skull bashed to the floor. Quan barely gets up, just then, Valirover pulls out a hammer and sickle, two symbols of communism, and hits Quan's head with the hammer hard, exposing his brains and slits his throat with the sickle. He is then seen kicking Chi's corpse 2 minutes afterwards, winning the battle.

Actual deathEdit

Valirover's assassination was made on June 24, 1947. American soldier by the name of Roger Pullman quietly came into his compound using a backdoor and sneaked quietly pass the guards.

While Valirover was on the balcony, smoking, Roger came up behind him and shot him in the head with an old Mauser pistol. Joe was killed at the age of 57, but Pullman was not killed by Valirover's guards, as his escape chopper just in time arrived before the guards could kill his ass.