King Pig
King Pig is the main antagonist of Angry Birds. He fought Flappy Bird. 


Tier:10-B | Likely 10-A | 8-A | Maybe 7-C |

Name: King Pig

Origin:Angry Birds

Gender: Male

Classification: Green Pig

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman durability, explosives, and gear.

Attack Potency: Human Level due to being a pig and not showing many psychical feats. | Athlete Level, can build forts with ease. | Multi City Block Level, carries TNT which blew up multiple forts. | Town Level, has TNT which can blow him miles away.

Speed: Unknown Sub-Human, due to being slow and sluggish. | Superhuman, cart can help him move faster as well as the attachments | Subsonic+ has a race car, which can travel at 200 MPH.

Lifting Strength: Class 5 | Lifted a fish the size of a truck.

Striking Strength: Unknown | Wall Level, with boxing glove.

Durability:Unknown Human Level, gets killed by a flying bird. | Building Level, survived a building exploding