(1994-2015) Knuckles is Echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog. 


Knuckles was born in 1994. He along with every Echidna had four heade
d genetillia. Echidnas were hunted for food and clothing as well as taxidermized. The Survivor was Knuckles he survived due to his falcon Punch. He is forever alone until Sonic and tails met him. He guards the master emerald but he goes to sleep and uses it as a bed. Since a Duo wasn't enough Sonic and tails decided to have a trio with Knuckles. So SEGA made a game about it called Sonic the Hedgehog 3.  Knuckles has a brain the size of a walnut. He has to go to kindergarten.


At Knuckle's elementry school Knuckles had to go afterschool where he has boxing class. Boxing appears to be the only thing he is good at. Knuckles is the undefeated champion.


Screwattack made a video called Knuckles vs Donkey Kong in 2015.

Donkey Kong VS Knuckles | DEATH BATTLE! - YouTubeEdit

▶ 18:30

Donkey Kong crushed Knuckles with his hands causing blood to spurt out. All that remained of Knuckles was his arms which Donkey Kong tossed aside and got hit by a coconut.


His elementry teacher told his classmates about his fate.The Classmates wrote him several cards and put them on his grave


Even though Knuckles is dead for good when donkey kong crushed him Knuckles laid an egg since Echidnas reproduce by laying eggs. When the egg hatches the egg will take Knuckle's place as a new knuckles.