Wario-mario party 8

one minute melee

Knuckles saw a warp pipe. Curiously he jumped in it. He landed in wario's castle. Suddenly he saw a fart being blasted at him to which he quickly dodged. Wario jumped toward him.

Triump or die engage

Wario tried to punch Knuckles but he ducked and punched him right in the gut wario was sent flying across the castle. Wario squated down and farted blasting himself at Knuckles. Knuckles was met with a punch to the gut.

Knuckles:oh no

Wario grabs Knuckles and slam him to the ground.

Knuckles:oh no.

Wario farted in his face

Knuckles:oh no


Wario jumped on him.

Knuckles:oh no

Wario than got into his bike and hit knuckles and ran him over.

Knuckles:oh no!

Wario pulled out a Lazer gun and fired at knuckles. Knuckles was hit with the first shot.

Knuckles:oh no.

Knuckles dodged the rest of the shots. Knuckles than ran at Wario. Knuckles caught up to the bike.


Knuckles reared his fist back. And it became covered in flames. Knuckles threw the punch. The bike was destroyed.Wario squated and farted at Knuckles.

Knuckles:oh no

Knuckles collasped.

Wario used hs fart to lift him up and slammed him buttocks down on knuckle's head.

Knuckles oh no

Suddenly Wario was met with a punch to the groin causing him to get off knuckles.


Knuckles ran behind wario and curl up in a ball shortly before colliding into wario. Wario grabbed him and threw him. Wario squated and farted at Knuckles.

Knuckles:oh no

Wario pulled out an onion and ate it.


Wario turned around squatted once more and farted. The fart was so strong Knuckles was sent flying into a wall. 

Knuckles:oh no

Knuckles ran at Wario. Knuckles collided into Wario. Wario grabbed Knuckles and threw him into the air. Knuckles flew at him


Knuckles collided into him. Knuckles did a series of rapid attacks on Wario in the blink of an eye. Wario squatted down and farted but Knuckles dodged the fart.


Knuckles launched himself at Wario. Knuckles slammed on him.Knuckles punched him into the hed dazing him. Knuckles charged up a firey punch and punched Wario into head sending him flying into the wall of the castle,


The castle begins to crumble as Knuckles escapes the castle leaving wario to be crushed.

This Melee's winner is Knuckles.