Not only does every death battle have a fighter. They also need background characters/cameos. 

Hyper Anon's fightsEdit

Pilot/Non Offical first episode=Deadpool vs Derpythetroll16(August 29 2015=Prelude Semptember 19-26=Battle) A.K.A when I used to have bad quality death battles.Edit

Guest(corpse)=Before the fight Deadpool fought him and cut off his head.

Flappy Bird vs King Pig(Prelude=October 18 2015-November 1 Battle=November 3-7)Edit

Red=knocked out along with his fellow comrades. Later he helps his team get the eggs back

Chuck=Knocked out along with his fellow comrades. Later seen nursing the eggs

Jay,Jake,and Jim=Knocked out along with their fellow comrades. Later seen nursing the eggs.

Pig Army=Before the fight they beat up the angry bird. They are later seen laughing over their defeat.

Cell vs Shadow the Hedgehog(Prelude=Novemeber 5 2015-November 6 Battle=November 7)Edit

Multiple DBZ villagers=Where seen watching. Presumingly killed when the Kamehameha created an explosion

Sonic the Hedgehog=Seen watching with his friends

Tails the Fox=Seen watching with his friends.

Knuckles the Echidna=Seen watching with his friends

King Kai=Seen in Snake Way encountering Shadow

Maria Robotnik(Angel)=Encounters Shadow when he goes to Snake Way.

Previous Death Battle Losers(Angels)=Seen in Snakeway after losing the fights.

Spongebob vs Pacman(Prelude=November 8 2015-November 10 Battle=November 11-November 14)Edit

Inky,Blinky,Pinky,and Clyde=Decide to terrorize the Bikkini Bottom, later eaten by Pacman

Krusty Krab Customers=Seen in the Krusty Krab during the fight

Other Bikini Bottomites=Seen when Pacman swims in the ocean.

Squidward=seen in the Krusty Krab. Falls alseep during battle.

Mr Krabs=Comes out when Spongebob defeats Pacman and tells him to clean up the mess.

Steve vs Robloxian(Prelude=November 14 2015-November 19 Battle=November 21)Edit