Elizabeth "Liz" Allen is the love interest of Peter Parker.


In Episode 1, she can been in Peter Parker's classroom.

In Episode 2, Parker stares at her and later asks her if she wants to go to Stan's Diner with him after Ned dares him to do it. She accepts the offer but tells Parker he is bad at flirting.

In Episode 3, When Peter beats up Flash Thompson, Liz Allen tells him to stop and reminds him of their date at Stan's Diner. At the date, Peter orders a brain burger much to Liz's disgust. After eating the burger, he burps loudly which disgusts her more. Peter flirts with her by saying that the brain isn't going to be the only thing he enjoys tasting, which Liz replies by saying that Peter isn't acting like himself. Later, Peter ends up beating up two security guards much to her surprise, and leaves the diner, leaving Liz shocked.


  • In the comics, Liz Allen is one of the first love interests of Peter Parker before marrying Harry Osborn and having a son with him.