Logan is the twin brother of Maddie. He is a minor character in High School Horror.


Logan wears a grey nike jacket and black adidas pants. He also wears yellow adidas sneakers and brown hair.


He is first seen in High School Horror, eating cereal with his sister. When their mom was excited that her two sons and her daughter are going to school, he replies with "Well.....uh.....technically....", which foreshadows that Maddie is trans. Maddie's mom drives him, Maddie, and Alex to school. He is later seen in school sitting next to Maddie.

He is absent from High School Horror Part 2, presumingly because he didn't show up to Sheila's birthday party.

He is briefly seen in High School Horror Part 3, where he is sleeping when Maddie comes home. Maddie sleeps in bed next to him.

In High School Horror Part 4, he is seen eating cereal at breakfast and says that it tastes delicious.

In High School Horror Part 5, before Vicky and Thaila can shove Maddie into the fire, he confronts them. Lola easily shoves him into the fire. Logan is burned badly but he claims he is okay. He is presumingly killed when the grenade Lola was carrying denotated after Maddie shoved Lola into the fire. Derpythetroll16 didn't mention him in his twittter or instagram post about the aftermath of the series possibly indicating that he is deceased.


  • Originally Logan was going to have a bigger role, teasing Maddie for being transgender but never actually intending to hurt her. Instead Logan was made a minor character because Derpythetroll16 couldn't incoporate him into the series enough for him to be a supporting character.
  • It is unknown whether or not Maddie and Logan are identical or fraternal twins. It is likely the latter because he has brown hair and Maddie was shown to have blonde hair as a male in Baby Mama