Lola is one of the main antagonists of High School Horror. She and Thalia were minions to Sheila and later Vicky.


In High School Horror Part 1, She first appears in the lockeroom with Sheila and Thalia. She mocks Maddie for having a penis. She, Thalia and Sheila all laugh at Maddie. The next day, She, Thalia and Sheila all beat up Maddie.

In High School Horror Part 2, She appears at Sheila's birthday party. While everyone in the party is only allowed to eat carrot cake, she and Thalia are allowed to eat chocolate cake. A while after Sheila's murder, Lola and Thalia decide to go swimming only to discover Sheila's corpse.

In High School Horror Part 3, She and Thalia meets Vicky. When Vicky suggested killing Maddie to avenge Sheila, Lola tells Vicky that Maddie is sentenced to death. She and Thalia then became Vicky's minions during the events of High School Horror Part 3 and 4.

In High School Horror Part 4, Lola anounces to Vicky that Maddie escaped prison. Vicky decides to teach Maddie a lesson by killing Alex. The next day She, Vicky, and Thalia sneak into Alex's school and put pills in the grape juice. When Alex drank the grape juice, he blacked out. She, Vicky, and Thalia kidnapped Alex and cut out his voice box. After Alex was decapitated, Lola asked what they were going to do with Alex's body now which Vicky answered by saying that they were going to his different body parts as different foods. After they ate Alex, the trio went to school and snuck into the principals office, where Vicky made an announcement that Vicky was the new ruler of the school and no one could stop her or else they will be killed.

In High School Horror Part 5, Lola, Vicky, and Thalia now rule the school until Vicky got bored and decided to burn down the school. The trio steals a bunch of gasoline and are about to set the school on fire until XxdarkageknightxX confronts them and shoots Thalia. Despite Thalia's death, Vicky and Lola are still sucessful in setting the school on fire. They kidnap Maddie and drag her to the top of the roof. When Logan tries to stop them, Lola pushes Logan into the fire. Vicky tells Lola to get the grenade, but Maddie shovels Lola into the fire, setting off the grenade, killing Lola.

Lola, Thalia, and Vicky's corpses were used to help give Whet Faartz a face transplant.