Well everyone in death battle has to kick the bucket. :(

Here are all the losers Spoliers!

Flappy bird

Flappy bird is everyone's favorite bird and flapped his way to death battle and fame but he met his match to king pig who used his brains and gizmos to kill 1 bird with one box of TNT.


Shadow is the edgiest hedgehog there is once was a medic now is a killing Machine but when faced with Cell, Cell used his superior psychically and energy beams to obliterate the hedgehog but at least the hedgehog died in an awesome edgy way.


Pacman is one of the most iconic mascots appearing before Mario! But when he was pitted with Spongebob, Spongebob used his toon psychics to overkill the lemon drop

Minecraft-steve 12

Steve is a miner, he mined the money he earned for his best selling minecraft but when pitted against the Robloxian from the lesser know game roblox the Robloxian used his guns to take down Steve guns beat swords anyway


B.B. Hood is a demon hunter. She is basically the little girl version of Guts but when pitted with Peacock from Skullgirls Peacock used her speed hax and toon psychics to blow B.B. Hood away.


The Murderer is the knife throwing killer from the mAd murderer when pitted with Jesse and Mike they used their strength and weapons to murder the Murderer.


Blake Belladonna is the edgy member of team RWBY. However when pitted against Death the Kid, The Kid used his strength and guns to take down the Awesome

Fang the sniper in sonic x by linahedgehog-d70nt7s

Fang is one of the good old classic characters from Sonic he only appeared in only a few games when pitted with the Sniper, The Sniper used his strength and weapons to noscope the weasel. Well Fang won't be appearing in the modern games.


Vaktus Is the emperor of Vaktovia and one of the best villains there is. But when pitted with Herobrine, Herobrine used his spiritual powers and speed hax to overthrow Vaktus hell even his entire army as well.

Azula relishes victory

Azula, The Princess of The Fire Nation. This chick is one of the most powerful benders in avatar!I mean she freaking fought Sokka! Oh wait......Anyway when pitted against Esdeath, the ice general, the princess just didn't have the psychically to beat the ice general. Even though fire>ice, hurr durr!


Bubsy is the best mascot....NOT(I actually like his games) when pitted against Gumball, Gumball used his reality hax to make Bubsy get what's coming to him for having bad games.

Robotboy 1

Robotboy is a robot with an original name(ha) when pitted with Jenny aka XJ9, Jenny used her superior psychically to commit child murder robot style in a very one-sided battle.


Gilgamesh is the King Of Heroes(He is not really a hero) but when pitted with Bowser, Bowser used his superior strength to overpower the King Of Heroes. Serves him right for being a dick.

So who would win a battle royale?