Luis is one of the main protaganists of High School Horror. He is Maddie's crush/boyfriend.


Luis wears a green nike shirt and black nike pants. He has black spiky hair and has a 3.0 body.


He and Maddie meet on the first day of school. They get along well and Luis invites her to his house. Later afterschool after finding out Maddie's trans, Luis still supported her and told her to get back the bullies.  Later at Sheila's birthday party, Luis comes late. He and Maddie later steal chocolate cake from Sheila. Later when the police found out that Sheila was murdered by Maddie. Luis refuses to let the police arrest her and he is tazered by the police.

In High School Horror Part 3 it was revealed he was in a coma after being tazered. He wakes up at the end of the part and remembers that Maddie was arrested and sentenced to death.

In High School Horror Part 4, he comes back to school much to Maddie's joy. Between the events of High School Horror Part 4 and High School Horror Part 5, he was likely bullied badly by Vicky and her minions after they ruled the school. In High School Horror Part 5, Maddie alerts him that Vicky and her minions are going to burn down the school. He appears in the end of the part, confessing to Maddie that he will be moving back to Mexico but Maddie is also planning on moving. The two are so happy that they almost forget about the time bomb that Vicky set. Before it could detonate, they are saved by a mysterious white haired guy who absorbs the energy of the explosion. After the events of HSH Part 5, Luis moved to Mexico presumingly alongside Maddie. When Maddie commited suicide in mid 2018, Luis got severly depressed. It is unknown if he commited suicide after she did.


  • Luis was originally going to have more screen time but Derpythetroll16 found out the plot of High School Horror ended up working better just focusing on Maddie and the bullies, so Luis's screentime was cut.
  • The fate of Luis might end up being revealed in a future series.