The Lunch Lady is a minor character in High School Horror. She is the lunch lady of Maddie's prison and appears to be crazy.


In High School Horror Part 3, She first appears at lunchtime. c00lkidd orders a cheeseburger, chicken tenders, and fries while 1x1x1x1 orders veal scallopini and fettucine alfredo. She tells them the only thing they served was tongue and asks them if they liked tongue. 1x1x1x1 reminds her that he is a celebrity and the Lunch Lady ends up obliging and making c00lkidd and 1x1x1x1 the food they asked. She later appeared again when 1x1x1x1 hacked the prison and all the prisoners gathered in the lunchroom. She offered the prisoners her tongue noodle soup and said there is a possibility that they were serving Denis's tongue because he requested for his tongue to get cut off. After she offered, she was shot dead by Springthree because no one wanted to eat her tongue noodle soup.


  • Her saying the only thing she served was tongue, is a reference to the Goonies.