Maddie's Mom is a minor character in High School Horror. She is the mother of Maddie, Logan, and Alex. Her husband is absent from the series. His whereabouts are unknown.


In High School Horror Part 1, she is excited that her two sons and her daughter are going back to school. When Logan replies "Well.....uh.....technically....", Maddie's Mom gets mad at Logan for teasing Maddie about being trans because Maddie is sensetive. She later drives them to school.

In High School Horror Part 4, she is eating breakfast with her children. She asks Maddie about the news of her killing Sheila which Maddie declines; saying that the murderer wasn't her. 

After the events of High School Horror Part 5, she presumingly moved to Mexico alongside Maddie and Luis. In Mid 2018, after Maddie killed herself, Maddie's Mom killed herself too. 


  • Originally Maddie's mom was going to be a supporting character but that was scrapped because Derpythetroll16 couldn't incoporate her into the series enough for her to be a supporting character.
  • Originally Maddie's Mom was going to find about the abuse Maddie recieves and that Maddie wants to kill herself.
  • Maddie's Mom was also originally going to reveal the whereabouts of Maddie's father; that he either left the family when Maddie came out as trans or killed himself when Maddie came out.