May Parker is the aunt of Peter Parker


After Peter's parents died, May and her husband Ben adopted Peter until the latter's death. 

In Episode 1, She offers Peter her meatloaf after he comes home from school which Peter apparently finds disgusting. Later while Peter was making his web shooters, May asks him what is he doing from outside his room, which Peter tells her that "he was doing some stuff" and tells her not to come in, which makes May think that Peter is masturbating. After Peter is done with his web shooters, he asks her if he could use her sewing machine, May asks what he needs her sewing machine for, which Parker doesn't answer and instead thanks her and uses it anyway. May asks again and Peter tells her, he is using it for his arts and crafts class. May tells him he doesn't have an arts and class. 

In Episode 2, Peter comes home and May talks about Spider-Man which makes Peter uncomfortable. May tells him she wouldn't let Peter do the things Spider-Man does which makes him more uncomfortable. 


  • In the comics, May is much older, being an elderly woman.