Edward "Ned" Leeds is the best friend of Peter Parker.


In the first episode, he is seen sitting next to Peter Parker. He asks Peter who he thinks is the strongest avenger. Peter tells him that he thinks Thor is the strongest avenger because he is a God. Ned thinks it is Doctor Strange but Ant-Man can make himself the biggest avenger. When Parker's teacher is talking about Ultron, Ned says he bets that Ultron is going to be so helpful to the avengers.

In the second episode, he sees Peter staring at Liz, so he dares Parker to ask her out for 10 robux, which the latter obliges.

In the third episode, he catches Peter Parker skipping class but Peter comments on his weight. Towards the end of the episode, When Peter watches a video on the school news of the symbiote, Ned is reporting the news.


  • In the comics, Ned was news reporter at the Daily Bugle before dying after getting his throat slit.
  • His appearence appears to be the combination of both his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart and his Comic Book counterpart.