404421-Pac Man
Hyper Anon: In Pacland ghosts roam wild.However there is one lemondrop who can save him. Pacman

Doge:Did you know Pacman was designed from a pizza that a namco employee orderered? His name was originaly going to be Puck Man but kids will vandilize the arcade and make it write Fuck Man.

Hyper Anon: Anyway Pacman likes to eat pac dots,power pellets,and Cherries. But his favorite food seems to be ghosts. 

Doge:I always wondered how they tasted like




Occupation=eating ghosts

First appearence=Pacman 1980

Likes to eat Pacberries,Power Pellets,and Cherries

Based of a Pizza.

Hyper Anon:Pacman of course signature ability is to eat. He can eat phantoms and ghosts.

Doge:Pacman has a big appetite anyway when eating seems use less he busts out his powerups. 

Hyper Anon: Each of Pacman's powers ups are usually pac berries that give him a unique ability,.

Doge:One of the abilities is the butt bounce. He can bounce on his ass. He can also do the rev roll where he rolls into a ball and launches himself at the opponents kinda like Sonic. He can has the fire and ice berry which give him fire and ice power kinda like Mario. And he can do the pac dot shooter where he shoots pacdots from his hand kinda like Megaman. Damn despite coming before Mario,Sonic,and Megaman this guy seems to rip them off.