Pika vs Agu
NOTE: In this battle Agumon won't digivolve into Greymon trainers will be included and I will be using Red's Pikachu in the fight


It's Pokèmon vs Digimon again


Sylkok:Pokèmon and Digimon 2 rivals

Kirby:there are 2 cute characters Pikachu the cute electric Pokemon

Sylkok:And Agumon the reptile Digimon but it's time for a death battle

Death BattleEdit

Tai and his Agumon is walking and sees Red

Tai: This guy is back??

Agumon: Yes he is

Red: I choose you. Pikachu

Red throws a pokeball which summoned Pikachu


Pikachu uses Thumder Bolt at Agumon which he got stunned by the thunder Aguman then uses Pepper Breath at Pikachu hurting him

Pikachu's HP = 65

Agumon's HP = 50

Pikachu punches him and uses skull bash launching him. Agumon is at low health 19 Pikachu uses Volt Tackle at Agumon and Agumon disappears



Tai starts crying after Agumon's death

Sylkok:This battle was close the main reason why Pikachu win because he defeated Mewtwo in the Pokemon anime

Kirby:Agumon didn't get his digivolutions so that's why Pikachu won

Sylkok:The winner is Pikachu.

Pikachu wins