Plinto Ottaviano

Ottaviano on his knees, getting ready to suck Dutch's cok.

"Boom! Boom! We'll all go up in the air together! Muahahahaha!"

Plinto Ottaviano was an African-American-French gangster who was a member of the American mafia, Stracci Family. He was a worker under Leo Grossi, a Capo in the Stracci family. In 2010, he was murdered by Richie Pisano, a rival mobster from Corleone Family on the real MUC Wikia. In Cougar's Death Battles, he went up against Dutch van der Linde in the first ever battle. Their battle locale was the abandoned Black Town.

In the death battleEdit

In Cougar's Battle 1: Plinto Ottaviano VS Dutch van der Linde, Plinto attempted to attack his opponent Dutch van der Linde, with dynamite and Molotov cocktail but Dutch pulled out his Mauser Pistol and shoot the cocktail in Plinto's hand, burning him severely. Plinto got up all burned, somehow alive, and lighted the dynamite on fire before throwing it at Dutch. Van der Linde, however, kicked the dynamite out of his way back to Plinto, but it exploded in air before it could even land to the latter. Plinto then charged at Dutch, tackled him down, and started biting the face of Dutch. Dutch, however, punched and rubbed Plinto off with one hand while with the other he reached for his Cattleman revolver and blew Plinto's face to pieces. Plinto fell down dead on his body and lost the battle.

Actual deathEdit

Sometime in January 2010, a man named Crazy Horse, an assassin in the Corleone Family, sanctioned a hit on Ottaviano, which Corleone soldier Richie Pisano, accepted. Ottaviano was making a deal with workers in the Old Town Industrial Park when Richie hurled dynamite at him from 100 feet above over a balcony, as Ottaviano's deal was down in the train yards some feet below the streets. Ottaviano was killed in an explosion by the dynamite and Molotov, and this was a severe blow to the Leo Grossi Regime.