The Police Officer is a minor antagonist in High School Horror. Although not directly stated, he is likely prejudiced against transgenders.


In High School Horror Part 2, He stops the party after Lola and Thalia call the police when they found Sheila's corpse. He investigates by looking at the security cameras and found out that Maddie was guilty. Even though he acknowledged Maddie did it in self defense he still arrested Maddie and sentenced her to death. Maddie's death sentence was going to have her limbs being ripped off, her being disemboweled, burned alive, skinned, covered with acid, and decapitation from a sawblade. The police officer says that normally, they execute prisoners humanly but will make an exception because of what Maddie had done. Luis tries to stop him but gets tazered. In High School Horror Part 3, he leads Maddie to her cell and told her, she wasn't allowed to eat even though it was illegal to starve prisoners. He later appeared when Springthree beat up Maddie. He acussed Maddie of beating up Springthree and punished her by forcing her to clean toilets. When Maddie escaped and collected guns, he confronted her. The cop decided to shoot Maddie because she was about to be executed in a few hours but Maddie feigns a surrender, this doesn't change the police officer's mind, and Maddie tells him that she knew he was still going to shoot which was why she never put away her shotgun. Maddie kills him with a single shotgun blast. The blast was so powerful that it caused his arms and head to fall off.