Quan Chi MK4

The evil sorcerer himself.

"My sorcery is unresistable!"

Quan Chi was a powerful demon sorcerer from the Never Never Land, and he is a recurring villain from the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games. He is known for being a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow, the ancient demonic cult who worships his master Lord Shinnok. Details of Quan Chi's past are unknown, except that he is a free roaming sorcerer, capable of travelling between the planets without detection by the Elder Gods and possess many magical powers. Despite this, in Cougar's Death Battles, he went up against Joe Valirover, a human, and lost. The battle locale was Moscow, Valirover's city.

In the death battleEdit

In Cougar's Battle 2: Quan Chi VS Joe Valirover, Chi starts the battle by shooting a green skull projectile at Valirover with full force, hitting him, and Joe falls down hard. Valirover, however, shoots at Quan with his handgun before getting up right after falling down. As Chi may be stunned, his opponent pulls out an AK-47 and shoots at Quan like mad. Chi blocks most of the bullets with a wall made of green skulls and brings up two skeletons from Hell to attack Valirover. Joe shoots both of them down and starts shooting at Chi again, this time before Quan even has a chance of bringing up his wall. Quan, all injured, falls on ground and brings up one last dead warrior from Hell to take care of Joe. As the warrior is headbutted by Valirover and gets his skull bashed to the floor. Quan barely gets up, just then, Valirover pulls out a hammer and sickle, two symbols of communism, and hits Quan's head with the hammer hard, exposing his brains and slits his throat with the sickle. He is then seen kicking Chi's corpse 2 minutes afterwards.

Actual deathEdit

After a ninja spectre named Scorpion beats the evil sorcerer within inches of his life for killing his family and clan, D'Vorah, Quan's agent, arrives with Shinnok's amulet and immediately rushes to Quan Chi's defence. She is ultimately unsuccessful, however, as Scorpion brutally decapitates Quan Chi, but not before she can throw the amulet over to the sorcerer, allowing him to finally free Shinnok from his long-term prison.