Hello there and today i will rant about the DBF wiki. I have a lot a problems with them. but mostly is the fact that they are biased wankers. If they make a DB, Then more often than not, they will overate their preferred characters power and downplay the other character so that the char that the author likes better will win. Either that or bad research. Here is a few of their biased fights.

Spongebob vs Steven Universe

Iron Man vs Erza Scarlet (My version fixed the bias)

Any fight involving Para and Madoka Magica (They're good but wrong)

Wolverine vs Mewtwo

Gon vs Yoshi

Any fight made by Hipper involving Wario

Most of Maxevil's fights.

They also have the dumbest rules ever, such as:

No disrespecting characters, even if they are badly written pieces of shit, the admins might like them and they hate it when someone disagrees with them.

No complaining about the death battles, even if it is a stupid idea and the chars have nothing in common. I don't care if it's a "Nice-Spirited" wiki, You can't just let horrible ideas happen.

Fights cannot be written twice, even if the already existing version is stupid and biased.

Oh, and the users are obnoxious, egotistical hypocrites.

Welp, that's all for today.