Sheila is one of the main antagonists of High School Horror. She is the bully of Maddie.


In High School Horror Part 1, she first appears in Maddie's classroom, asking Whet Faartz where "Max" was. When Whet Faartz said "Max" decided to indentify himself as a girl; Maddie. She proceeded to harass Maddie, telling her God hated her, she was going to hell, and that she should kill herself. At the locker room, She, Lola, and Thalia made fun of Maddie.  She later anounced that tomorrow was her birthday and everyone was invited. The next day, Maddie is beaten up by Sheila, Lola and Thalia. Sheila reveals the only reason she invited Maddie to her birthday was so Sheila can torment her. Sheila told Maddie that if Maddie told she would kill Maddie, and then said that she was going to kill Maddie regardless. In High School Horror Part 2, at her birthday party, Sheila says that she hopes none of the people have fun because she hates everyone she invited. She made two punch bowls. One for "normal people" and the other for "trans" with the latter being made out of "lemon juice". She and her friends later harass Maddie, saying she only invited her so she could teach Maddie a lesson and that the lemon juice isn't really lemon juice. Later Sheila confronts Maddie, calling her an ugly trans but XxdarkageknightxX threatens to stomp Sheila in the face with his extra large crocs enraged. Sheila later gives out carrot cake to everyone except Maddie much to the disgust of the people she invited. She secretly hid chocolate cake for her and her friends to eat. Maddie and Luis steal the chocolate cake before Sheila noticed and shared it with everyone. Sheila finds out and takes her anger out on Maddie, forcing her to go the roof. Sheila tells Maddie to jump in the pool and stay in their until the party ends. If Maddie tries to escape, weights will be tied to her to prevent her from floating. Maddie refuses much to the anger of Sheila, who pulls out a knife to kill Maddie. Maddie pulls out a draco, despite this Sheila isn't scared and thinks Maddie to pathetic to kill and is about to kill Maddie. Before Sheila can kill Maddie, Maddie shoots Sheila, killing her and causing her to fall off the roof and into the water. Lola and Thalia discover the corpse of Sheila into the pool and call the police. The police officer checks the security cameras and finds out that Maddie killed Sheila. The police officer arrests Maddie and sentences her to death. In High School Horror Part 3, Sheila was replaced by Vicky.