Shinnok at his glory

Shinnok in his purest form.

"Remove the shadow from the light; The Shadow grows. The legacy of life is death, Raiden. My followers accept this, and live on. They fight for me! Live... for me."

Lord Shinnok is a character and one of the main villains in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He made his debut in Mortal Kombat 4 as a boss, and first became playable in it. He serves as one of the main antagonist of the MUC Wiki alongside the likes of Shao Kahn, Azazel, the One Being, Olaf Tutchenko and Dixmor Project. Shinnok is considered one of the most (if not the most) evil beings on FANDOM. A vengeful and powerful fallen Elder God, Shinnok appeared in MKM: Sub-Zero, MK 4 and MK X as the main villain. He is seen to be seemingly leading the side of evil on the entire FANDOM. Unlike Shao Kahn, Shinnok relies less on brute strength and fear-mongering, but more on magical powers and ancient artefacts, possessing millions of years's worth knowledge and power.

In the death battleEdit

In Cougar's Battle 6: Shinnok VS Vito Corleone Shinnok used his human form. At the first scene in the battle, Don Vito Corleone pulls out a gun and shoots at Shinnok to no avail. As Vito wonders what is wrong with the Lord or his gun, Shinnok teleports behind him and uses his magical amulet staff to knock him on the ground. As Vito lays on the ground, bleeding over his neck, he turns around and pleads Shinnok not to finish him, as he has a family. Shinnok, being the devil himself like he is, shows no mercy and jams the staff through his head, making a big gaping hole in Vito's forehead. Corleone falls back on his back and lays there dead; Shinnok opens a portal up and heads back to Hell, satisfied.

Actual deathEdit

In spite of his newfound power, the fallen God is once again defeated in battle by the Thunder God again. Raiden tells the Earth warriors to put him in the Jinsei chamber, where he absorbs Shinnok's power into himself in order to purify the Jinsei and return Earth to normal. Shinnok and D'Vorah are then taken into custody by Sonya and the Special Forces.

In the post credits scene, a corrupted Raiden arrives in the Never Never Land and warns Clurkicus and Adolf Ackermann, now de-facto leaders of the planet, not to threaten Earth lest they face fates worse than death. As a final warning, he shows them the severed, albeit still living head of Shinnok as he couldn't die due to his God status.